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Why only cook Thai food

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From Gaprow To Keemao And Recipes In Between

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The Content

  • From Gaprow To Keemao And Recipes In Between is a cooking guide.
  • It comprises 14 main recipes - which break down into mini-recipes, all of which are related from puddgaprow to puddkeemao.
  • It also adds depth to each recipe by providing all neccessary tools to help you cook the author's true-to-origin Thai dishes the way Thai people cook them, whether they are in Thailand or overseas.

In other words, you will be cooking like a Thai by following the instructions in this book.

  • She includes in each recipe where to buy- and how to pick- your ingredients, but more importantly, if- and when- you may substitute them.
  • Pradichaya Poonyarit also lets you in on Thai cooking "secrets," which are known among Thais, but which are rarely talked about.

Book: From Gaprow To Keemao And Recipes In Between

  •  She shares her story of how she came to write this book. She also shows correct pronunciations of food terms that have been mispronounced, misspelled, and therefore misunderstood because of the prior two reasons. 

To sum up the book, the author wrote it so that you will learn all there is to know about cooking these dishes, then you will cook them the way Thai people - even restaurant chefs - cook at home to share with their families.

The recipes included in this book are NOT the American-Thai versions which you've known and been served at restaurants; rather, From Gaprow To Keemao And Recipes In Between contains recipes which are Thai - as to true-to-origin recipes.

In cooking any recipe from the book, you will not only cook these Thai dishes, but you will cook them in true Thai fashion - just like any Thai who cooks at home whenever she or he wants authentic Thai food.

The artwork

  • From Gaprow To Keemao contains hundreds - if not a thousand - of fine quality photos of each and every step of cooking. These photos are used as another tool to demonstrate the how-to part of cooking, so you will be clear on your cooking approach. Their other purpose is to show you the real results of the actions you will be taking.
  • At times, you may see the author's messy kitchen in blurred out backgrounds. These photos are not dressed-up, over-saturated, or over-sharpened, too-good-to-be-real. Pradichaya took these shots while she was cooking her recipes for you. Then, she cleaned them up by removing the "noise." So, here they are in this book, as real as they can be!
  • Should any part of the process not go as planned, through these photos she shows it to you anyway. Then, she shares her recent experience with you, so it will help you achieve a better outcome when you cook on your own. 


  • This edition is stunning, as the hard cover adds the collectible value to the book. 
  • Its paper is also  grade A, 100% premium, and was printed in the US. The hardbound book contains 174 pages, size 8.5 X 11 X 0.75 inch. It weighs about 1.5 lb.
  • The hard cover edition is perfect for your collection - whether it will be on display on a coffee table or on a library shelf.

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